No Contact Rule How It Helps?

No Contact Rule How It Helps?

Problems of Communication Between Partners

How many times have you wondered if your husband or boyfriend really loves you? The question comes from the hand of all those times he forgot to tell you on important dates, or at that time, for you, it was quite successful doing so. When you have said what you feel, you look you do not understand what you mean, it does not make sense to question or discussion. But you have felt that ‘lack of love’. So who is right? What's going on?

Put Yourself in the Other's Shoes

It is to understand who we are and act very differently to certain circumstances which will enrich our relationships as a couple. Before starring in a scene without sense or reason you should consider some secrets of male and female to help you interpret.

Note that, for men, ways of communication are often very different from those of women. They, naturally, use the minimum necessary words and are referenced herein. Therefore, his frugality would not be a sign of indifference or disdain toward you, but it would be nothing more and nothing less than natural behavior.

Women, unlike men, need to share the feelings expansively. In addition, they do so from a range of perspectives covering the past, present and future and need to empathize with their partner to feel confident that their message has been understood. Yes, it is one of women’s weaknesses and they have to accept unsafe.

Found Feelings

Women do not blush when they express feelings as their brain is constantly bustling with feelings, emotions, communication and words, actually many words. This is accentuated when they are at that stage of falling in love with a man. It is at that point where they feel comfortable, loved and adored, in three words and fell in love blindly.

There are times, too, that women often assume that men are never sure of their love for them. Moreover, they believe that they live confused between a few noble sentiments floating in seas of lust and tons of testosterone. That would be, according to them, preventing them think, recognize and express love. A blind man and erection does act accordingly. Women prejudge and are convinced that for obtaining sexual satisfaction, they tell women what they love us. Instead, women wisely discern whether they are really in love, how much and how.  It is not surprising that with these assumptions, women always think that men are not sincere and women are.

Why doesn’t he say ‘I love you’?

For women, it is very necessary that men say things, but much more important is the way they are expressed. Someone should let them know that they prefer to receive information from creative, surprising and not telegraph ways. Women love talking about a situation and everything that has to do with it. For men, they only receive the information they need, briefly and based on facts.

Facing Problems

The way to deal with problems is also different between men and women. When women are facing a difficulty, the first thing they do is to look for someone to tell and talk about it.  Merely talking about a certain topic and share views with others gives them a different perspective on the problem and helps to decompress the situation. The man believe that time is wasted in talking too much without engaging in solving the problem. Given this, men understand that they do not want women to hear and that's when the conflict comes.

Communicate and Love

Different forms of communication can interfere with relationships. In order to overcome them, you have to use emotional intelligence and know the codes of interpretation and expression of the others. You can read more to learn even better ideas about relationships.
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